bryan knouse

I enjoy working with inspired, creative teams dedicated to building great products. I typically focus on engineering and design.

recent reads

Che, Jon Lee Anderson;   The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn;   Innovators Dilemma, Clayton Christenson;   The Lean Startup, Eric Reis;   Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell;   The Revolt of the Masses, Jose Ortega y Gasset;   Shoe Dog, Phil Knight;   Story Wars, Jonah Sachs;   Spooky Action at a Distance, George Musser;   The Age of Cryptocurrency, Vigna & Casey;   Decoded, Jay Z;   Zero to One, Peter Thiel;   A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking;   Choose Yourself, James Altucher;   Business Adventures, John Brooks;   The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman;   The Big Short, Michael Lewis;   The 4-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss;   The Art of War, Sun Tzu;   Eleven Rings, Phil Jackson;   Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell;   Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson;   Relativity, Albert Einstein;   Six Easy Pieces, Richard Feynman;   Without Their Permission, Alexis Ohanian;   Good to Great, Jim Collins;   Superintelligence, Nick Bostrom;   The Dehumanization of Art, Jose Ortega y Gasset.

design and development

I have built award-winning web applications, user interfaces, and software technologies alongside teams from around the world. I have a deep respect for design, engineering, and implementation of digital applications for clients large and small.

I am currently focused on improving the speed and simplicity of enterprise software.

awards & recognition

FinalistTechcrunch Disrupt Hackathon September 2018

Janus: accumulate and analyze health data, just by talking to it

Janus Video Demo Press Link

2nd Place North AmericaFacebook Developer Circles Challenge September 2018

Cahoot: connect underserved students with the educators and mentors they need from around the world

Cahoot Video Demo Press Link

3rd PlaceGenomelink Hackathon II August 2018

Genecode: explore and analyze genetic data just by talking to it

Genecode Video Demo Press Link

1st PlaceRehive Fintech Hackathon, New York City July 2018

Honeycomb: analyze complex financial datasets, just by talking to them

Honeycomb Video Demo Pitch Deck Press Link

Grand PrizeMIT Hack Medicine / Hacking Dermatology, Boston June 2018

Eir: organize and augment dermatology patient information just by talking to it

Eir Video Demo Pitch Deck Press Link

AthenaHealth Challenge Grand PrizeHack HLTH, Las Vegas May 2018

IRIS: reduce physician burnout through voice and workflow automation for healthcare professionals.

IRIS Video Demo Press Link

Grand PrizeCMG & Pfizer Need For Speed Hackathon, Boston April 2018

Hippo: improve population health and patient engagement through voice.

Try Hippo Press Link

2nd PlaceOpenTravel VHack, Global March 2018

carmen: explore, plan, and book your travel itinerary, just by talking to it.

Carmen video demo Press Link

Best Use of Microsoft GraphMicrosoft Hack Productivity, Global December 2017

modelo: perform enterprise analytics on data, just by talking to it.

Modelo video demo Press Link

3rd PlaceFacebook Developer Circles Challenge, Global November 2017

vocalize 3: build and edit websites just by talking to them.

vocalize video demo Try vocalize Press Link

FinalistMercedes Benz Digital Challenge, Stuttgart Germany October 2017

butler: maintain and operate your Mercedes-Benz just by talking to it.

butler video demo Try butler Press Link

1st PlaceNYC Developer Week Hackathon, New York City June 2017

Zang API Challenge: build APIs just by talking to them

Try API Press Link

Best Microsoft API HackGlobal AI Hackathon, New York City Region June 2017

visualize: create data visualizations just by talking to them

Try visualize Press Link

1st PlaceIBM Watson Developer Competition, San Francisco November 2016

vocalize 1: build and edit websites just by talking to them.

Try vocalize Press Link

featured projects


2012 - 500 Startups

Web design and development intern for Bluefields, a 500 Startups portfolio company in Mountain View, CA. Developed a marketing campaign through visual advertisement and social media conversion. Created and implemented a full redesign of BF's backyard sports blog "Sports on the Brain" resulting in web traffic growth over 60%.



HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, Ruby, Node.js, Rails, Magento, React, Angular, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Drupal


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Autodesk Inventor, DDS Solidworks